Empathy in the Workplace

“Marie designs and delivers world-class interactive keynote presentations and workshops. The depth of her understanding of organizations and people combined with her ability to find constructive and creative solutions is amazing."
– Roselyne Lecuyer, Learning Director L’Oréal, Paris, France
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3x3 Empathy Factors™

Home of the Communication Training Program for Leaders, Teams and Organizations - Based on the Nonviolent Communication Approach by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Since 2015, our program has trained over 55,000 employees in over 22 countries. Customer-facing employees, leadership teams and HR professionals learn and practice new communication and empathy skills that are genuine, not a technique and “shows the power of empathy to be transferable, repeatable and scalable.”

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What people say aboutMarie & Empathy

“Skilled, knowledgeable, brave, honest, insightful – Marie inspires and engenders change!”

– Pat Hastings, LCSW, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, CA

“Marie is a master facilitator in creating an environment where groups move forward on their critical needs and goals to achieve more results. Whether there’s conflict or collaboration, it’s transformative.”

– Raymond Tymas-Jones, Associate Vice President for the Arts and Dean, College of Fine Arts, The University of Utah

“Came in the first morning feeling very skeptical about the two day session and left feeling incredibly empowered.”

– Carl Sagar, Business Unit Support Specialist, Merck, SBS Americas Support Services

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"Breakthrough thinking from cover to cover that will lead to more meaningful discourse and heightened impact."– James B. Hayes, Former Publisher, Fortune Magazine

People want to make a difference at work. They long to be seen and heard for what matters to them. When motivated, they contribute their best to something bigger than themselves. Empathy, or human connection, acts as the central connecting force for everything from employee engagement and customer loyalty to innovation and team leadership. It helps people make the leap from mistrust, missed opportunities and “power plays” to higher ground…a place bringing out the best in people and their best thinking together…where new directions and insights map out into results – smoother productivity, smarter success, and a higher calling at work. Get the Books